Flying Ferns

Flying ferns
Flying ferns @ Darjeeling 

Tadoba 8 : Tigers of Tadoba

Tadoba 7 : Lurker

Rather early in the morning, this young chap decided to stay close to the visitors.

Waiting for an Ambush, Tiger. Cub. Tadoba
Waiting for an Ambush

Tadoba 6 : Summer Nap

2-30 PM… 45 Degrees…

Cozy Summer Nap, Mahesh Patil, Tiger, Tadoba
Cozy Summer Nap

Catching Pearls

Shot this at an early morning stroll Pelling, Sikkim (India).

Dew Drops, Pearl, Leaf, Green, Fresh, mahesh Patil, Sikkim, Morning
Dew Drops

Tadoba 5 : Birds of Tadoba

Tadoba has wonderful bird life… Here is the proof!

Bhivpuri Trails

We went for small monsoon trek at Bhivpuri, a small town on the outskirts of Mumbai. Bhivpuri is near by the much famed “Matheran” . The main attraction of Bhivpuri is the fantastic waterfall situated in the hills.

The trek was nice and light. My son really enjoyed the outing. Sharing some photographs of the lush green beauty of Indian monsoon. I shot these with my HTC Desire Mobile phone. Hope you feel as refreshed.

Tadoba 4 : How to cross the road in a Jungle

Some early morning monkey business… by the photographer ūüôā

Tadoba 3 : Serpent Eagle

The Serpent Eagle at Kolsa range. Though we did not get to see any tigers here at Kolsa range… My day was when we observed this Majestic Serpent Eagle sitting over a tree top observing his territory. What a lucky shot.

Tadoba 2 : Orange Headed Thrush

Orange headed thrush can be observed in abundance here at Tadoba National Park. 

Tadoba 1 : Paradise Fly Catcher

This post is one of the first in the series photographs I will be publishing from my recent visit to¬†Tadoba¬†Andhari¬†Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. These are the photographs of female Paradise Fly Catcher. This amazingly beautiful and chirpy bird was spotted in¬†Kolsa¬†range, home of¬†Shivaji… the largest Tiger in Tadoba¬†Reserve.


A Walk in the Park 4: Encounter with the Striped Tiger

The Common Tiger (Danaus genutia) is one of the common butterflies of India.

Common Tiger
Common Tiger

A Walk in the Park 3: Spider Caught the Rainbow

Spider Caught the Rainbow
Spider Caught the Rainbow

A Walk in the Park 2: Birds of Neighbourhood

A Walk in the Park 1: Bugs Life

Mantis 1
Dr Hypnosis
The Wise One
The Wise One