Flying Ferns

Flying ferns
Flying ferns @ Darjeeling 

Gross National Addiction

The Paan , Mahesh Patil, Mahesh Patil Photography, Photography, Hyderabad, India, MaheshPatil.Net
The Paan… found in plenty at laad bazaar, Hyderabad



Light and Magic II

Prayer Wheels

Never ending line of Prayer wheels on the way to Enchey Monastery, Gangtok.

Prayer Wheels, Sikkim, Mahesh Patil, Enchay Monastery
Prayer Wheels at Enchay Monastery

Straight Face

Look what I found in Jaisalmer fort, amidst all things touristy 🙂

A Straight Face, Window, Rajasthan, Smiley, Funny Photography, Mahesh Patil,
A mouth wide shut


Shot at a  Jetty @ Uttan. A quaint little fishing village near Mumbai.

Hull, Boat, Mahesh Patil, Photography
A Boat with an Orange Hull

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali, Fireworks, Mahesh Patil, Photography
Wishing a sparkling Diwali to everyone



Light and Magic

Experimenting with Bokeh


Diwali fireworks…

The Alphabet Tree

The Roof Top

Reflection @ Baltimore Harbour 2

Reflection @ Baltimore Harbour 1